Our Mission: Improving the quality of life for those impacted by breast cancer by funding needed support services in Northern Virginia.


A Different Shade of Pink.

DifferentShadeofPinkThe Step Sisters fight breast cancer differently – by raising funds to provide practical support services for Northern Virginia patients as they battle the disease.

Studies show that personal and financial difficulties can cause breast cancer patients to delay or even stop their treatment.
Our goal is to not only increase a patient’s quality of life, but also to increase the chances that she sticks to her treatment plan.
That’s how we fight breast cancer.

Why The Step Sisters?

What does a sister do when you need help?   Maybe she watches your kids or cooks a meal for you.  She doesn’t ask what you need because she already knows.  She just pitches in and helps.
The Step Sisters are Northern Virginia women and men that have all been affected in some way by breast cancer.  Some of us are survivors, others are caregivers, friends and family.  But we are all united in our goal to step in to help, just as a sister would.

Our Services

We partner with hospitals in the Northern Virginia area to provide the following services at no charge to the patient:

Treatment Transportation – one of the most common barriers to successful course of treatment is the patient’s access to consistent transportation.

Professional House Cleaning – Most patients are the caretakers of their homes. Relieving the burden of having to clean the house is one way we can help a patient be able to focus on getting well and spending quality time with family.

Meals – Providing food stability in a time of crisis alleviates tremendous stress from patients.

Childcare – Care for children means patients will have needed help in order to receive treatment and take time to heal, while knowing the kids are in the best of hands.

Lawn Care & Snow Removal – Overwhelming tasks such as lawn care or daunting impediments such as snow removal should not get in the way of treatments.

Pet Services – We can help you make sure that even your furry family members aren’t neglected during your treatment.

Need Help?

If you are a breast cancer patient in need of support, please contact the Nurse Navigator at the hospital where you receive treatment. They will help you access the services provided by the Step Sisters organization.